Composer (Genre) Title Meter Temposort descending Bars Length Exercise Rhythm
Asafiev Flames of Paris Variation II 2/4 90 32 :50 Degage & Frappe Polka and 2/4 and Hornpipe
(Children's Class) Farmer in the Dell 4/4 (12/8) 110 16 :50 Degage & Frappe Jigs and Quick 6/8
(Christmas Carols) Deck the Halls 4/4 85 32 :50 Degage & Frappe Polka and 2/4 and Hornpipe
(Celtic and Gaelic) the Maid Peeped Out the Window & Trip It Up 6/8 (2/4) 92 16 :50 Degage & Frappe, Jigs, 6/8, Tarantella Jigs and Quick 6/8
Chopin Waltz in Eb 3/4 73 32 :50 Grand battement, 3/4 Grand Allegro (Waltz) Big Waltz
Delibes Mazurka act 1 2x 3/4 (9/8) 44 32 :50 Mazurka Mazurka
Chopin Waltz in Eb (3 phrases) 3/4 72 24 :50 3/4 Grand Allegro (Waltz) Big Waltz
Schubert Landler in D 3/4 47 32 :50 Rond de Jambe a terre Moderate 3/4 and 6/8
(Christmas Carols) Hark! the Herald Angels Sing 4/4 91 16 :50 Degage & Frappe Moderato 4/4
(Children's Class) Four and Twenty Blackbirds 4/4 (12/8) 97 16 :50 4/4 Tendu Moderato 4/4
Joplin (Ragtime) Pineapple Rag 4/4 176 32 :50 Degage & Frappe Rag

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Every piece here can be used for many different things.
A Moderato Waltz or a Slow 6/8 can support:
Plie, Tendu, any Rond de Jambe (earth or air), Stretching, Adagio, Pirouette, Leaps across the Floor, Reverence, and much more.
Every piece here can be used for many different things!
"Little Jumps", for example, simply means Quick 2/4, and works very well for Degage and others.
And there may not be a button that says JETE on it, but the accompaniment is here (probably in Coda or Big Waltz).