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Ballet Class Music
piano accompaniment by Jeff Dalby
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Composers and Styles

Twos and Fours

You may use any of this music for class or performance, including my own tunes.
All music composed by "Dalby" is copyright 2010 and 2011.
Many more selections, longer versions, and different tempos are coming.           


to Download on a PC: Right-click song title and Save As...on your desktop, or just Save, and look in My Downloads.


to Download on a Mac: Control-click and Download Linked File As...or just Download Linked File, and look in Downloads.


I found a very groovy iPad app: "Ballet Class" allows you to set the tempo and number of bars. Nice original tunes, also.



More edited variations and music for kids! There are new tracks below, under "2014 Additions". I'm posting more now (really). But they're not organised, just dumped there.

That's because I'm organizing them on my NEW WEBSITE, which is just like this one but organised better, by tempos, by number of bars, etc. And it's iPad/cellphone-friendly!

It's not ready yet but you can go there and download. Check it out. It's still a mess but it's usable:

This isn't a link; it's just the address. (Copy it into the address line of your browser.)